4Pcs Slip-Resistant Coverlet Sheet Clip

4Pcs Slip-Resistant Coverlet Sheet Clip

4Pcs Slip-Resistant Coverlet Sheet Clip

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Keep Your Bed Sheets In Position With Slip-resistant Coverlet Sheet Clip!

Do your sheets refuse to stay put? Most products don’t hold the sheet in place properly, especially when the mattress is thick. Our Slip-Resistant Coverlet Sheet Clip guarantees that the sheets won’t roll up on the mattress. Get incredible tight sheets without being too stretched and so that it can fit on all mattresses, regardless of type or thickness


  • EASY INSTALL: Easily install and ensure perfectly tight sheets in a matter of seconds! Install them in a snap by attaching the elastic bands horizontally at the head and foot of your bed, put the sheet across the sheet straps, and pin them down with the button!

  • STOP LIFTING HEAVY MATTRESSES: Unlike most sheet grippers on the market, slip-resistant coverlet sheet clip sheet corner holders do not require lifting your mattress every time you change your sheets!

  • PERFECT FOR ALL BEDS: This versatile bed sheet gripper works with all types of bedding. It is the most ergonomic bed sheet holder for all full, king, queen, toddler, or hospital bedding sets!

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: These fasteners are made of ABS plastic, that will grip your bed sheets firmly. Easy to put on and keeps sheets in place and no more fixing sheets.

  • AMAZING NO-SLIP DESIGN: These bed sheet holders have a non-slip design, simply insert the sheet holders under the mattress, press the button, and secure it.
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