Emergency Fire Blanket

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Emergency Fire Blanket

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There is no reason for you to be caught off guard by a fire in your home. Fires happen fast, and the hard truth is people freak out.

While you hope that you will never have to use emergency fire equipment such as extinguishers, you should keep it on hand just in case.

Sure, there’s a fire extinguisher five feet from you, but before you get it and remember how to use it, that fire is already spreading.

And the entire family’s in danger. Kids, adults, pets. Those orange and red flames don’t spare people just because they’re young and cute.

That means you need to act faster than the fire. And it’s gotta be with something even a kid can handle on their own.

This emergency fire blanket stores easily opens fast and stops fires before they spread. What's not to love? 

•  No expiration date. Everything’s got an expiration date, except this fire blanket. It lasts basically forever. No special care required.
•  Heat resistant. What good would a fire blanket be if it didn’t fight heat? This protects you up to 1076-degrees Fahrenheit.
•  Reinforced edges. The braiding along the edges reinforces the blanket so that it won’t unravel with time or with fire.
•  Stores easily. It’s small enough and light enough that it won’t be in your way. Keep it close at hand without tripping over it.
•  Reusable. It doesn’t burn up when fire touches it. That means you can use it again and again.

    Protect yourself and your family.

    Anyone can use this, even kids. That makes it perfect for your home.

    If a fire starts up, just throw this blanket over it and watch the flames go out. It’s that easy.

    Look, no one wants to think about fires starting, but that doesn’t mean they won’t.

    You don’t have to be scared, just be ready. Order this fire blanket today and be prepared for any fire emergency.

    The only reason not to get one is… wait, there is no reason not to get one. Protect your home, protect your family. Do it today.

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