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Humanoid Robot

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 Give Your Baby The Most Interactive Toy Playmate Ever!

Having pets has become the newest craze, but do you want your baby to deal with a humanlike pet? If your kid is begging for a pet, our Humanoid Robot is there for you! The Robot can sing, dance, move, wave, many other actions that you can't even think- actually 'A Multi-Tasker.' Once your toddler experience the Robot, there's just no going back. This tiny Robot is the best companion your lil one will ever have!


  • SING & DANCE: The amusing Robot sings a multiple of songs, dances with its music, and talks with a charming accent. Dynamic music and dance will bring more fun to children. There is a volume control on the wireless remote that you can turn the volume down or increase the sound volume according to your choice.
  • PLAY IN EASE: The programmable robot toy has a one-button Programming function that can be the best alternative of a set of actions. With the ease of operation, kids can play their imagination. It's a cute friend that replicates your child's movements!
  • MOVE UNBOUNDLY: Whenever the patrol function is activated, the funny robot toy can move freely. With its built-in sensor, the smartest Robot can detect and avoid obstacles encountered to prevent potential collisions.
  • THE BEST GIFT EVER: What can be more joyful to your kid rather than a little buddy? Give your toddler the best gift that makes playing more gleeful — an ideal gift on birthday, Christmas day, even on holiday.
  • CONTROL OVER REMOTE: Your kids can operate it with the remote to control this smartest robot toy. The little Robot can move forward, backward, turn left and right simply through anyone's remote instructions.
  • GESTURE SENSING:The robot toy has a gesture sensing function that responds quickly after receiving various gesture commands and moves forward, backward, left, and right accordingly.
  • FLAMING EYES: The Robot's eyes lit up with bright LED'S when it moves. It can be still playful in the darkness. The most joyful play that you can give your baby!
  • YOUR KID'S BEST FRIEND: This Robot can be a fantastic boy toy for your children. Your kids don't need anybody else to play with! 
  • RECHARGEABLE ROBOT: This Robot can be charged via USB. With one time full charge, your baby can play along with it.
  • SPEAK WITH ITS LANGUAGE: This cute Robot speaks its mechanical language. Your baby will love to talk to it!
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