i12 Next Generation Earpods

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i12 Next Generation Earpods

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Enjoy the true experience of the i12 Next Generation Earpods and get rid of long cable and hands. Feel what it's like to enjoy a wire-free listening experience. Stereo Sound and noise reduction. With over 4 colors to choose from White, Black, Red, Green find a color you like. The i12 Bluetooth EarPods supports a microphone that allows you to answer and make phone calls or listen to music anytime and anywhere. The adoption of frequency balanced speakers ensures a super bass stereo sound effect. Advanced microphones with noise reduction offer excellent conversation quality. The touch control operation brings more convenience. Limited supply left. 

✅ Universal compatibility: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, etc. EarPods Colors can be used on almost all smartphones.

✅ Wireless technology: With their Bluetooth capability, i12 EarPods means you are free to move around so you're no longer stuck to one spot.

✅ Multi-functionality: Stay connected! These innovative earphones are not only ideal for listening to music, but also for taking (both incoming and outgoing) calls. 

✅ Wear-ability and comfort: Their ergonomic design gives these Bluetooth earphones exceptional wear-ability. They fit perfectly into the ear for maximum comfort and once in, they stay put. Enjoy an intense sports session, like running, climbing, camping or even horse-riding without the slightest worry.

✅ Long-lasting battery: These unique earphones have a long-lasting battery life, which gives more than three hours of use on a single charge. 

✅ Excellent quality to price ratio +++: As well as offering top-quality sound performance, i12 EarPods are at an unbeatable price. earbuds built with innovate technology.  

Box Contents

1 x a pair of headphones

1 * load box

1 * USB charging cable

1 * User's manual




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