Magic Painless Hair Removal Sponge

Magic Painless Hair Removal Sponge - Inspire Hero

Magic Painless Hair Removal Sponge

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Magic Hair Removal Sponge that is designed with a skin-friendly foam material, very soft, remove body hair without pain. A gentle circular sponge that doesn't pluck your hair or irritate the skin, it removes facial hair gently and painlessly and brings a beautiful look.
How to use:

  1. Wet the cheeks;
  2. Use the pink side to gently turn the cheeks 10 times clockwise, then turn the circle 10 times counterclockwise, then speed up and repeat the above actions once, the hair will be removed;
  3. Then use the green side to lubricate face;
  4.  After removing the hair, please moisturize the cheek with a moisturizer.

Get this Magic Painless Hair Removal Sponge and put an end to direct shaving. 


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