Dust Daddy Dust Cleaner

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Dust Daddy Dust Cleaner

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The Dust Daddy Dust Cleaner Universal vacuum adapter fits most vacuums and isn't at all like any adapter! The secret is that it has many individual suction tubes, they are adaptable and can go anyplace that those dust bunnies hide! Each suction tube clears and removes any filth from fragile items to hard to access corners and edges. It gets into even the smallest cracks! Awesome for book racks, light installations, window blinds, lounge chairs, adornments boxes and more! Forget about removing items before cleaning! This Dirt Remover Attachment allows it to clean around items while leaving the items in place! Perfect for cleaning your vehicles since it reaches into the corners of seats and cup holders without damaging anything! What's not to love?

What will you clean?

Claims & Features

  • Dozens of miniature flexible suction tubes

  • Dust around small objects without moving them

  • Ideal for dusting around fragile objects

  • Reaches dust you can't normally reach

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