Omni Tape™

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Bond, Seal, and Repair Virtually Everything!

Are you looking for an all-weather repair solution? Omni Tape is an extremely durable waterproof tape that seals out water, air, and moisture to create a super-strong bond that can repair virtually everything. The tape works underwater. It’s a super-hydrophobic rubberized adhesive tape. Made from a rubberized material that is thick enough to be reliable but flexible enough to fit any curve or crease.


  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE REPAIR: The tape is equipped with a reinforced rubber lining that conforms to the curves and the overall profile of the leaking surface. It boasts a rubber backing that resists abrasion and piercing as well as an adhesive that can adhere to any surface type. Enabling people to achieve professional-grade repair and sealing on their most valued investments.

  • 100% WATERPROOF SEAL: Slap this tape onto a wet and leaking hole or crack and watch it not only instantly stick, but seal tightly and stop the flow of water at its source. Designed for use inside or on the outside of above-ground pools, water tanks, drums, and liquid or moisture-retaining storage containers.

  • HEAVY-DUTY & EXTREME WEATHER RESISTANT: Rubberized tape is expertly engineered to handle harsh weather conditions all year round from freezing cold & soggy rain to blazing sunshine and sweltering heat near fireplaces and woodstoves. Resistant to mold, mildew, smoke, flames.

  • A MUST-HAVE FOR HOMEOWNERS: Perfect solution to outdoor and indoor sealing needs – from leaky roofs & gutters to weatherworn sheds, garages, barns & outbuildings. 
Brand new and high quality!
Type: Repair tape
Color: Black
Length: 1520mm
Width: 100mm
Thickness: 0.5mm/20mil
Insulation: 800 Volts
Temp Range: -60 C to 260 C
Pressure : up to 5 bar
Quantity: 1pc
Package included:1 x Repair Tape
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