Paper Cutter Pen

Paper Cutter Pen

Paper Cutter Pen

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With The Paper Cutter Pen, Pinpoint Paper Cutting Is A Breeze Now!

Facing tremendous challenge to trace straight lines while cutting paper & stuff? With this Paper Cutter Pen, now you can cut precise lines like a pro!

The ceramic blade gives you a smooth cutting result effortlessly. The simple pen design makes your cutting job more comfortable than you think of. Cutting your paper is like drawing with a pen now!


  • PRECISE CUTTING RESULT: The tool cuts straight lines conveniently even if you’re not a pro! The pen-shaped design allows you to trace the exact lines that you need. Thus, you do not need a guide or a ruler to have precise cutting.

  • VAST APPLICATION: You can apply this pen cutter not only on papers, but also on stickers, plastic film, handicrafts, and so on. With high precision, it’s ideal for cutting complex shapes.

  • EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP & DURABLE DESIGN: The sturdy gadget is built to last! The ceramic blade is resistant to wear & corrosion which is suitable on any surface.

  • SAFEST WAY: The tool is safe to operate. You don’t need to use much strength while cutting. It eliminates the probability of cutting your hands while slicing the paper.

  • INCREDIBLY SHARP BLADE: With its sharp cutter, you can slice papers swiftly and neatly! Made with a thin, sharp ceramic blade that cuts the surfaces smoothly.

  • COMFY GRIP: If you want a stable operation, you need a comfortable grip. Its non-slip design provides you a firm grip that doesn’t cause painful wrist strains!

  • BUILT-IN AUTO RETRACTABLE BLADE: Designed with an auto-retractable blade, which can be safely hidden when not in use.

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