Portable BT Photo Printer

Portable BT Photo Printer

Portable BT Photo Printer

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Preserve Moments of Your Life Anytime, Anywhere With Portable BT Photo Printer & Make Your Precious Moments Lifelike on the Go!

Miss “good old days” with physical pictures? If you love to hold photos in your hands rather than viewing them on a screen, it’s time to start printing your photographs again with our instant Portable BT Photo Printer! With the Portable Printer with Bluetooth connectivity, you can print your pictures, files, memos instantly on the spot. Now, you can hold the photos in your hands, stick to your walls, or show relatives without a smartphone in hand. Make the moments last forever!


  • CONVENIENT USAGE: You can install the “PAPERANG” app from Google Store or Apple Store. Just open Bluetooth, Connect it to the PAPERANG P1 through the APP. You can print anywhere anytime without a wifi connection. You need ”Thermal paper” only, no need for ink cartridges.
  • MODIFICATION: The application of the printer offers a variety of fonts, filter effects, and themes that you can print out your photo as you want using these features. Feel free to print your content!
  • STYLISH & PORTABLE DESIGN: Print your photos anywhere without the wire! The photo printer has a simple, elegant, and compact size. You can carry it anywhere, even in your pocket! 
  • 4.0 BLUETOOTH & BUILT-IN BATTERY: With its Bluetooth 4.0 connection, you can connect it with the specific phone print application. The built-in battery makes no hassle when you carry it.
  • PRINT ANY CONTENT OF THE PHONE: Print everything instantly that you can see on the phone. You can print photos, memorandums, and records.
  • OFFICE ASSISTANT: Generally, you have to print many files for office work. Print your work Plan, checklist memos, meeting notes instantly over the printer.





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